A Collective Engagement with Critical Kashmir Studies

September 5, 2023

The Routledge Handbook of Critical Kashmir Studies (New York: Routledge, 2022) edited by Mona Bhan, Haley Duschinski & Deepti Misri By A. Adams, Missy Drew, Fatemeh Nasr Esfahani, Leith Ghuloum, Anna Goorevich, Natasha Hernández, Nina Kaushikkar, Vaishnavi Kollimarla, Pauline Maison-Dessemme, Nada Mohamed, Tahmina Sobat, Allie Thek, Nithya Rajan, and Richa Nagar Let me cry out…

When the Functional is Political is Personal …Witnessing the Many Battles of Geeli Pucchi’s Bharati Mandal

June 20, 2023

By Drishadwati Bargi In Indian cinema, we have encountered morally ambiguous lovers before. In Vishal Bharadwaj’s 2004 classic Maqbool, we see a relentlessly scheming Nimmi (played by the inimitable Tabu), flirting and courting with her lover/patron’s aide, treacherously aiding the former’s murder, and unleashing a tragedy that ultimately consumes everyone. We have seen the same…

Black Feminism and Hip Hop Pedagogy: A Workshop by Ruth Nicole Brown

June 9, 2023

As part of AGITATE! Journal’s Feminist Knowledge Production Series, we invited Ruth Nicole Brown—scholar, artist, and member of AGITATE! Editorial Board— to conduct a workshop titled Black Feminism and Hip Hop Pedagogy on March 23, 2023. In the workshop, whose recording we present here, Professor Brown draws on her research on Black girls’ lived experiences…

Academics Denounce Attempts to Shut Down the People’s Water Forum 2024 in Bali, Indonesia

May 20, 2024

20th May, 2024 Latest Alert: People’s Water Forum in Bali Intimidated and Forced to Disband: Repeated Practice of Silencing Freedom of Opinion at the Momentum of International Forums [Read the statement in Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish here. List of signatories are also included.] We, the undersigned, are writing to denounce recent efforts to suppress the…

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Ukrainian Letter of Solidarity with Palestinian people

March 23, 2024

By Ukraine-Palestine Solidarity Group We, Ukrainian researchers, artists, political and labour activists, members of civil society stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine who for 75 years have been subjected and resisted Israeli military occupation, separation, settler colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, land dispossession and apartheid. We write this letter as people to people. The dominant discourse on the governmental…

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IAATW Official Statement: App-Based Workers Stand in Solidarity with Palestine

March 21, 2024

March 21, 2024 App-based worker unions representing over 100,000 Uber drivers and other app-based drivers across 20 countries have united to boycott Chevron-branded gas stations, including Texaco and Caltex, in alignment with the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) campaign and the call for solidarity by Palestinian trade unions. The International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers…

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AGITATE!'s First Digital Book

War News
A Collection of 90 Poems
By Beau Beausoleil

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Seditious Acts: Being in, But Not of, the Neoliberal University

By José Manuel Santillana Blanco, Kidiocus King-Carroll, Naimah Zulmadelle Pétigny, and Kong Pheng Pha

Introducing ‘Seditious Acts’: AGITATE! Special Volume with CRES

By AGITATE! Editorial Collective

I Have Been to the Future — We Won

By Simi Kang

Building Relations, Critical University Studies and Student Activism: A Conversation with Roderick A. Ferguson

By Kong Pheng Pha & José Manuel Santillana Blanco, with Roderick A. Ferguson

Brownness and Being in the Twenty-First Century

By Joy Mazahreh

Three Poems for Palestine by Faiz Ahmad Faiz

By Gwendolyn S. Kirk

Where is the Moral Fortitude of the University’s Leader? Palestinian Rights are Human Rights

By Nadia Aruri

Introduction to Section One: Infractions

By Richa Nagar

“Did they drag you here?”: Challenges of Existing as an International Student in the United States

By Ana Cláudia dos Santos São Bernardo

Seditious Intuition: Functional Containers and Bodies of Engagement

By William Amado Syldor-Severino

Violent Invisibilities: The Battle for Hmong and Southeast Asian American Legibility in Higher Education

By Kong Pheng Pha, Kaochi Pha, and Dee Pha

Introduction to Section Two: Transgressions

By Edén Torres

Moving Toward Transitional Pedagogies: The Second Sight of Graduate Students of Color in the Neoliberal University

By Ezekiel Joubert III

Toward a Marginal Understanding of Object Being in the Neoliberal University

By Emily Mitamura

A Cold Place: Notes on Antiblackness and the Neoliberal University

By Kidiocus King-Carroll

Introduction to Section Three: Insurgencies

By Rose M. Brewer

Unruly Subjects: On Student Activism, the Neoliberal University, and Infiltration

By José Manuel Santillana Blanco

Razing the Anti-Ebony Tower: An Academic ‘Grammar Book’

By Rahsaan Mahadeo

Within and Without the Settler University: Reflections on Decolonization, Spirituality and Research as Ceremony

By Marcelo Garzo Montalvo

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