Submission Preparation

To submit to either AGITATE Now! or AGITATE!’s volumes, please send your submission with an abstract to the editorial collective at Manuscripts should be prepared in a Word document according to the style that best suits submission goals. Multimedia submissions should be sent in an easily accessible format at a quality and size appropriate for web publication. We encourage potential agitators to take a close look at the models available in the previous volume(s) of AGITATE! (available here: For works that adhere to an academic format, we ask that you choose a citational style of your preference and use it consistently in your piece. There are no word limits for original submissions, but the editorial collective may recommend in their feedback expanded or reduced length. Because our peer-review process is collaborative, there is no need to anonymize the submission prior to submitting for review. In addition to your submission, please include the following:


  • An abstract or description in the form of a brief summary and context of the submission. As part of this description, please reflect on how your submission agitates and the most important intervention that your submission makes. Please also include any additional information for the editorial collective and reviewers about how you would like the collaborative review process to unfold. What parameters of engagement should the editors try to abide by in order to be most nourishing for your intellectual and creative work? Is there anything that is non-negotiable in the editorial process? What cannot be lost in revision?


  • Contributors’ biography of 100-150 words to introduce yourselves to readers. Bios do not have to follow formulaic models. We utilize bios to invite readers into the work, politics, and hearts of our contributors. Bios are used to provide context for our readers at the time of publication.


  • For AGITATE Now! submissions, we ask that you also include an image or audio-visual element to accompany your piece (preferably JPG or PNG formats).

Submission Agreement

When you submit to Agitate, you will be asked to agree to the following questions.

  1. This is a submission for:
    • AGITATE!’s Volumes – Volumes are imagined around particular themes and are published annually or biennially. Our Spring 2022 and Spring 2023 volumes are already full.
    • AGITATE Now! – AGITATE Now! is a vital space for fostering ongoing discussions that fall outside of volume themes. AGITATE Now! publishes on an ongoing basis and is often where more urgent, time-sensitive submissions find a home.
    • I am not sure and would like to discuss with a member of the Editorial Collective.


  1. Do you have the necessary permissions and consent to submit this work on behalf of all contributors involved?
    • You must be the contributor/creator/author, or the authorized agent of the contributor(s) and copyright holder. If different from the contributor(s): the contributor(s) must have approved the work for publication; the contributor(s) must have agreed to submit the work to AGITATE!; the contributor(s) must accept full responsibility for the content of the submission; Copyright published in AGITATE! will remain the original copyright holder and is not transferred to the journal or publisher.


  1. You agree to have the article published using a CC BY-NC license.



For more information about publishing with Agitate, you may visit our Policies page.