Who We Are

Editorial collective

The editorial collective is the group most directly involved in the recruitment, review and development of the publications; in the daily life of the platform; and with the unfolding relationships with our contributors. The Work of publishing includes: conceptualizing the thematic focus of each volume, recruitment of contributions, reviews in multiple languages and genres, determining the layout, undertaking all the work of formatting and revising, and translating the labor into forms that both reflect and share with our audiences what the work of unsettling dominant knowledges looks like for us, and what are the lessons learned in the process. Our editorial collective evolves with each volume, inviting a rotating co-creativity of agitators.


Editorial board

The editorial Board expands AGITATE!’s knowledge and experience base, providing the journal with greater breadth and depth. The editorial board also assists in building AGITATE!’s community and extending the conversations of the journal to new spaces. Members of the editorial collective bring for collective consideration names of potential board members based on the directions and energies of the work we are developing. These names are then carefully vetted and discussed before invitations are sent out to authors, artists, and activists to join us as editorial board members.



The University of Minnesota Libraries serves as AGITATE!’s formal publisher. The core principles of University of Minnesota Libraries align with AGITATE!’s commitments and broader goals. As our publisher, the UMN Libraries provides AGITATE! with access to tools for content management, technical and software support, website development, and preservation and archival efforts. This comes at no cost to AGITATE!. AGITATE! remains independent in terms of our content, process, and commitments, even as we use the resources and support that our publisher offers us. University of Minnesota Libraries do not have any editorial power over our work. All content decisions belong solely to the AGITATE! editorial collective, and the contributors with published work in AGITATE! own the copyright to their work.