Singhu: The Unwritten

January 20, 2021

by Simona Sawhney   This piece was originally published on Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes— a platform for narratives, public meetings, songs, talks, discussion on dalits. The response of the mainstream media to the protesting farmers at Singhu and Tikri, like that of the government, oscillates between pity and indignation. On the one hand, there…

Healthy Living

January 6, 2021

by Jordan Starck   HYPERTENSION Righteous rage delivered me to this world as I am, a Black man. My living, here, has always been illegal, and my fight preordained    for an always-later time    when I’ll whisk the blade    away from its hiding place on my wrist. Then, with just a quick, outward thrust and a…

Women of Color Should Be the Ones Remaking U.S. Foreign Policy

December 10, 2020

by Christine Ahn, Yifat Susskind, and Cindy Wiesner   In the 2020 presidential election, Black women, Indigenous women and people of color across the country delivered the votes to throw Donald Trump out of office. These voters want a new era in policy priorities, requiring radical change to the status quo—not just when it comes to U.S.…

Academics Denounce Attempts to Shut Down the People’s Water Forum 2024 in Bali, Indonesia

May 20, 2024

20th May, 2024 Latest Alert: People’s Water Forum in Bali Intimidated and Forced to Disband: Repeated Practice of Silencing Freedom of Opinion at the Momentum of International Forums [Read the statement in Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish here. List of signatories are also included.] We, the undersigned, are writing to denounce recent efforts to suppress the…

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Ukrainian Letter of Solidarity with Palestinian people

March 23, 2024

By Ukraine-Palestine Solidarity Group We, Ukrainian researchers, artists, political and labour activists, members of civil society stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine who for 75 years have been subjected and resisted Israeli military occupation, separation, settler colonial violence, ethnic cleansing, land dispossession and apartheid. We write this letter as people to people. The dominant discourse on the governmental…

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IAATW Official Statement: App-Based Workers Stand in Solidarity with Palestine

March 21, 2024

March 21, 2024 App-based worker unions representing over 100,000 Uber drivers and other app-based drivers across 20 countries have united to boycott Chevron-branded gas stations, including Texaco and Caltex, in alignment with the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) campaign and the call for solidarity by Palestinian trade unions. The International Alliance of App-Based Transport Workers…

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AGITATE! Feminist Knowledge Production Event Series: Spring 2023

AGITATE! Journal invites you to a series of virtual workshops and discussions hosted in conjunction with the "Feminist Knowledge Production" ...

Feminisms, Translations, Solidarities: A workshop with the translators and editors of ‘The Purple Color of Kurdish Politics’

Join us for a workshop with the editors and translators of the The Purple Color of Kurdish Politics on February 9, ...

Introducing AGITATE! Volume 5

By Abdul Aijaz and Richa Nagar

In the Absence of a Corpse

By Soibam Haripriya

Solidarity with Palestine from Kashmir: Kashmiri, Hindi, and Urdu translations of Refaat Alareer’s ‘If I Must Die’

By Ather Zia and Idrisa Pandit, with Richa Nagar and Abdul Aijaz

Buried Waters

By Efadul Huq

Act One: The Multan Railway Station

By Abdul Aijaz

Silence | CHUP

By Fawad Khan

Performing Chup: Resonance Across Borders

By Fawad Khan, Tarun Kumar, Sunil Shanker, Parakh Theatre

चुप्पी की बोली: एक मंथन

By Richa Nagar

Playing With Silence: Fawad Khan Speaks with Richa Nagar and Abdul Aijaz

By Fawad Khan with Richa Nagar and Abdul Aijaz

Carrying Silences Across Borders: Tarun Kumar Speaks with Abdul Aijaz and Richa Nagar

By Tarun Kumar with Abdul Aijaz and Richa Nagar

A Haunting, Howling Chup: Literature and Ecology of Violence

By Abdul Aijaz

New Gaza

By Marwan Makhoul and various translators

New Narratives of Old Wars: Testimonios from the Co-Madres of El Salvador

By Heider Tun Tun, Ruby Steigerwald, and Inez Steigerwald


By Ather Zia

غزہ کی خُدائی | ग़ज़ा की ख़ुदाई | Ghaza’s World

By عمران فیروز | Imran Feroze

Poetics is Political: Politics and Poetics of Difference Across the Borders of the Nation-States

By Papori Bora

इंतिफ़ादा | Intifada | انتفادہ

By अशोक कुमार पाण्डेय | Ashok Kumar Pandey

Amaithi as Stillness: Holding Palestine in the Batticaloa Justice Walk

By The Batticaloa Justice Walk

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By Beau Beausoleil

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