The Most Lethal Virus Is Not COVID-19

March 27, 2020

The escalating panic and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is palpable across the social spectrum. The Governor of California has ordered the entire to state to “shelter in place” for the foreseeable future, meaning we can leave home only for essential tasks. Yes, the virus is yet to be fully known and controlled; yes, the incidence of infection is increasing and cannot be predicted accurately; yes this virus causes death. And yes, we must keep washing our hands and taking other precautions and maintaining physical distance. We must also practice social solidarity. This means involving ourselves in mutual aid, supporting healthcare workers, and finding effective ways to support workers and families in precarious situations and small businesses at risk of not surviving. At the same time, must keep socializing virtually through dancing, music concerts, and other creative, inspiring, and healing, as well as fun, gatherings.

యింకో ద్వేష భక్తి గీతం! Another Ode to Hate-riotism

February 10, 2020

original poem in Telugu by Afsar, translated into English by N. Venugopal   యింకో ద్వేష భక్తి గీతం!~అయినా ప్రేమిస్తూనే వుండమని కదా చెప్తావ్. గోడలన్నీ నెత్తుటి మరకలవుతాయ్, వీధుల్లో తల ఎత్తుకొని నడవలేను. పసిపిల్లాడి లాగు విప్పి మరీ సున్తీ పరీక్షలు చేస్తావ్. యిప్పటికీ నా పేరు కంటే నా చివరి పేరు మీదే నీ వూనిక. నేనెక్కడా లేను. నేనేమిటో యెవరికీ అక్కర్లేదు. శాసనాలు చేయక్కర్లేదు ఆదేశాలు కాగితాల మీదే…

Why the Chinese are Making a Catastrophic Mistake in Xinjiang

December 18, 2019

by Daanish Mustafa   Malice against children is emblematic of evil in the Abrahamic religious tradition. The Old Testament tells the story of how the Pharaoh ordered the murder of every male Hebrew child born in Egypt to protect himself against the Messiah—Moses (es)—that the shamans had foretold would destroy him. Ironically, he ended up…

DBAV anti-caste feminists’ statement condemning the Hathras case judgement

March 15, 2023

On the remembrance day of anti-caste crusader Savitri Phule, we the daughters of Savitri from Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi-Vimukta communities strongly condemn the judgement of the Uttar Pradesh special court which acquitted all four accused –all dominant caste Thakur men – of a heinous gangrape and murder of a 19-year old Valmiki (oppressed caste) woman, in the Hathras…

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Urgent Appeal: Supporting Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

February 10, 2023

Dear AGITATE! Readers, As you know, a devastating earthquake and its aftershocks hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, 5th February, wreaking unimaginable destruction and loss of life in areas already struggling with political repression, displacement, and underdevelopment. More than 20,000 lives have been lost, and this number is expected to rise. Tens of thousands who…

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All-India Campaign against Anti-People FCA Rules, 2022

February 2, 2023

STOP FOREST CONSERVATION RULES 2022! STOP VIOLATION OF FOREST RIGHTS ACT AND RIGHTS OF GRAM SABHAS! STOP CORPORATE TAKE OVER OF FORESTS! PROTECT OUR JAL JANGAL JAMEEN JEEVIKA! As you know the new Forest (Conservation) Rules 2022 are pending in Parliament and may be passed any day in the Budget session. It is very important…

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