Emina Buzinkic

Ph.D. student, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota
Transbalkan solidarity
Imagining Transnational Solidarities Research Circle Fellow (ITSRC)

Emina explores barefoot the intersections of refuge-ness, racist and classist formations, education-scapes, and political resistances in solidarity. Her work revolves around the critical understanding of border regimes through interplay of the police violence and refugees’ resistance to restrictions of freedom of movement. Emina’s research focuses on the inscriptions of regimes of criminalization of refugee youth in schooling and everyday life as a result of state surveillance and transnational securitization politics. Emina is deeply annoyed by capitalistic and neoliberal organization of the economy of life and finds it often unsettling to live in this world. She is committed to border-crossing and border-erasure while co-building coalitions transnationally. She is currently obtaining her Ph.D. in critical studies in education and human rights at the University of Minnesota in the United States. Her soul is nourished in creative resistance to evil and by the energies of the oceans.