Conversations Across Indigeneity

AGITATE! is excited to share with you this conversation between Dayamani Barla, of the Munda adivasi community in India, a journalist and tribal rights activist; and Cante Suta-Francis Bettelyoun, of the Oglala Lakota in North America, coordinator of the University of Minnesota Native American Medicine Gardens. This conversation took place in June 2017 in the aforementioned Native American Medicine Garden, a space that is dedicated to decolonization and healing of people, land, food, and life. Barla and Bettelyoun are meeting for the first time on this land, to talk about struggles that we share across continents and borders, and to explore how we might walk with one another, despite being separated (and connected) by divergent histories and geographies. The conversation inspires us to continue searching for visions of solidarities and alliance work through translational praxis, and models a way of generous and compassionate dialogue across difference.

Please watch with subtitles if you do not understand Hindi.

Dayamani Barla’s trip to North America in summer 2017 was organized by the Association for India’s Development. This conversation was co-organized by Siddharth Bharath and Richa Nagar with support from the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change at the University of Minnesota ( To know more about Dayamani Barla – click here. To know more about Cante Suta-Francis Bettelyoun – click here. To know more about the Native American Medicine Garden – click here.

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Barla, D., C. S. F. Bettelyoun, S. Bharath, and T. Kumar. 2019. “Conversations Across Indigeneity.” AGITATE! 1:

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