Richa Nagar

Black Lives Matter and Savarna Supremacy


by Vishal Jamkar and Richa Nagar   We begin here, with Sharpton’s words, as two writers whose lives are lived across the borders of India and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, where Floyd’s murder has led to a great global uprising against racist and colonial settler structures and logics of the United States and…

‘Stories, Bodies, Movements’ Class, Fall 2017


On Stage: Kriti Budhiraja, Devan Dupre, Esmae Heveron, Keavy McFadden, Sara Musaifer, Richa Nagar, Jason Noer, Beaudelaine Pierre, Veronica Quillien, Julie Santella, Maria Schwedhelm, Laura Seithers, Veera Vasandani, Colin Wingate Artistic Direction, Sound, & Lights: Tarun Kumar Course Conceptualization, Organization, & Facilitation: Richa Nagar