‘Stories, Bodies, Movements’ Class, Spring 2017

On Stage: Siddharth Bharath, Jada Brown, Devleena Chatterjee, Esmae Heveron*, Rebecca Lieser*, Sara Musaifer, Richa Nagar*, Naimah Petigny*, Nithya Rajan, Lisa Santosa*, Maria Schwedhelm, Alaina Szostkowski

The scenes, ‘Wall of Names’ and ‘Ramallah Goddam’ seeded in an in-class workshop with: Esther Ouray

Artistic Direction: Tarun Kumar

Course Conceptualization, Organization, & Facilitation: Richa Nagar

*Rebecca Lieser, Naimah Petigny, and Lisa Santosa participated in the creation of the play in Spring 2017 and performed in it at the end of the semester on 8 May 2017. Esmae Heveron and Richa Nagar performed the roles played by Rebecca, Naimah, and Lisa when the play was selected for the CLA Arts Quarter and restaged on 11 October 2017 as part of that event.

AGITATE! Content by ‘Stories, Bodies, Movements’ Class, Spring 2017

Telling Dis/Appearing Tales (Script and Performance)