Sean Golden

Sean Cameron Golden is a doctoral student in Literacy Education at the University of Minnesota. There he explores how storytelling (in all its forms) can help to restore narratives to breathe life into the Black Queer Diaspora–for all the queer kids out there still searching. As a part of his work in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, he focuses on forms of multimodal writing with his students in the course Diversity of Children’s Literature. In this course, along with his students, Sean works through the issues young people face in different educational institutions. Sean is also part of the esteemed KidLitLab! housed in the Curriculum & Instruction library at University of Minnesota. Their mission is to help everyone experience the joy of publishing their own children’s book.

AGITATE! Content by Sean Golden

Confluenc(ing) Race and Place: AfroRuralFuturism as a Framework for Reading Solidarity