Ruby Steigerwald

Ruby Steigerwald is a mother, grandma, and teacher of English as a second (or third) language in Washington, DC. She has been working since the 1980’s for human and civil rights, especially for women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and African Americans. Ruby met the women of Co-Madres in 2005 when she traveled to El Salvador to study Spanish. During this trip, she met madres Alicia, Patty, and others, and her desire to know the mothers more deeply was born. Ruby yearned to understand how the madres were able to continue their work without being incapacitated by depression and fear. For Ruby, it’s important that we come to know the spirit with which the Co-Madres continued their struggle, so we will be able to confront the many challenges we face today.

AGITATE! Content by Ruby Steigerwald

New Narratives of Old Wars: Testimonios from the Co-Madres of El Salvador