Ritika Ganguly

Ritika Ganguly, PhD., is a Minneapolis-based composer, anthropologist, and grants consultant, born and raised in New Delhi, India. Her consulting practice and artistic practice both strive for an equality based on difference, rather than on the similarity of things, people, and knowledges. 

Ritika was commissioned as a composer by The Cedar Cultural Center in 2016, received the Naked Stages award in 2017, and an MRAC Next Step award in 2018 for her research and new musical work in Baul (Bengali Sufi music/poetry). She has trained in multiple genres within Bengali music and in contemporary Indian musical theater. She recently received a Minnesota State Arts Board Creative Support for Individuals Award, a 2020 Jerome Foundation Finalist Award and was commissioned to create a mini opera in Bangla by the Minnesota Opera in 2021. Her vocal and compositional work bring disparate musical styles, literatures, and disciplines together. Her methodology is deep listening, and in her compositions and voice lessons, she focuses on developing aural skills and deepening the aptitude to hear. Please learn more about her work here.

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