Madhumita Dutta

Madhumita Dutta is an assistant professor at the Ohio State University since 2017. Madhumita completed her PhD in Labour Geography from the Department of Geography, University of Durham, UK. Prior to her academic career, Madhumita had been an activist for over sixteen years in India, working with communities resisting takeover of their natural resources and sources of livelihoods, as well as the destruction of their social and cultural habitats by the state and corporations alike. Madhumita worked in the working-class settlements in Delhi, especially focusing on issues of access to drinking water and sanitation and anti-slum eviction work. She also worked as a journalist with Down To Earth, a science, environment and development fortnightly magazine published by the Center for Science and Environment. Between 1998-2012, Madhumita traveled extensively across India, working with community-based organizations and non-profit groups on issues related to extractive industries, natural resources, corporate crime and social and labor justice. As an academic, Madhumita’s research explores themes around work, gender, worker narratives/life stories, workplaces, labor conditions and organizing in South Asia. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes and popular media.

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