Inez Steigerwald

Inez Steigerwald is a teacher and librarian in Washington, D.C. She has worked with students for over 10 years. She lived in Costa Rica for a time as a child and there she came to appreciate and love Latin American language, culture, and history. She began working with her mother, Ruby, to record the oral history of Co-Madres when she was a college student at Haverford College. The work with Co-Madres has impacted how Inez, as a U.S. citizen, sees the world. Her work with the mothers and the history of Co-Madres has clarified her responsibility to use her work to make a better world. Inez has a daughter whose middle name is Emelina, named in honor of Alicia Emelina PanameƱo, or mother Alicia.

AGITATE! Content by Inez Steigerwald

New Narratives of Old Wars: Testimonios from the Co-Madres of El Salvador