Ghaza’s World

Where are the legions on legions of angels?
Where are the promised swallows of the Ka’baa?
Where are the ones who praised the righteous fighter?
As the squadrons of vultures shred the flesh of the children in the first house of God
They believe
These are all the wars of the Prophets’ peoples
Here there are no infidels, non-believers, or deniers
God only cares about idolators
God only loves the destroyers of idols
The receivers of manna are not infidels, they have been chosen by our God
You know where the swallow of Ka’baa is?
It is pelting the tombs of Iraq and Syria with the stones of destruction
God knows that the dwellers of Ghaza stand at his door for all five prayers
But He had promised Moses to protect the children of Israel
Even if the peoples of Ghaza are standing at His door
Their fate has already been written
Oh Nations of the world, Oh peoples of the church, Oh loving hearts of China and Persia, Oh
humanists of Russia and the West
I beg you to spare the alms of love out of your grand systems
Listen to the pleas of the dwellers of Ghaza, unsung, written in blood
That attending to the screams of innocent children…
Takes great courage
It’s a divine trait
Beyond the likes of you or I…

English translation of Imran Feroze’s poem, غزہ کی خُدائی (Ghaza ke Khuda-i), by Gwendolyn Kirk and Abdul Aijaz.

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