Fatemeh Sadeghi

Dr Fatemeh Sadeghi is a political scientist specialized in political thought and gender studies. She previously researched on gender ethics in Islamic sharia and Zoroastrianism, gender in nationalism and Islamism, Islamist politics, and Iranian Revolution. She also studied the unveiling campaign of the first Pahlavi Iran and the compulsory hijab of the Islamic Republic. In recent years she worked on the constitutional thought in postrevolutionary Iran.  Dr. Sadeghi is a currently a research associate at TAKHAYYUL, an ERC-funded project at the UCL Institute for Global Prosperity. Her research is on redemptive aspirations inspired by political and intellectual traditions to make envisioning a different future possible. Focusing on Iran, she studies underlying cognitive historical procedures enabling the individuals and groups to define their identities in a creative, cognitive process typically concerned with what is unreal, unknowable, hypothetical, or yet-to be.

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