Call for Transnational Solidarity and Collective Care With the Victims of the Recent Earthquakes in Herat-Afghanistan

Organized by Tahmina Sobat and Farida Razaqi

Amidst the rubble and despair, the rescue team encountered a scene that will forever be etched in their hearts and ours; a mother, her eyes filled with tears but her spirit unbroken, clutching her baby in a final, desperate embrace… sheltering the baby from harm with her own body, even as the world around them crumbled. A mother who had made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure her child’s survival, even though it came at the cost of her own life.

On 7th October, Herat-Afghanistan was shaken by a series of the deadliest and unprecedented earthquakes in the country’s history. The earthquake took more than 2,000 lives and many more that are yet unknown. This horrific incident left 9000 injured, and many villages flattened as if there had never been any life or movement. One had written on her social media post:

“شاید هنوز قلبی در زیر خاک میتپد.”

“Perhaps a beating heart lies hidden amidst the rubble.”

“شهر من زخمی جنگ است امانش بده…
با تو ام زلزله٬ آرام تکانش بده….”

“My city bears the wounds of war; spare it a sanctuary,
Oh earthquake, if you must come, shake gently,” 

In the face of an already dire crisis in Afghanistan, compounded by the collapse of the government and the resurgence of the Taliban in August 2021, many of our fellow Afghans were grappling with famine and hunger. Now, with the recent devastating series of earthquakes in Herat, the situation has grown even more dire, pushing our people to the brink of despair.

We, a group of Afghan students and the Heratian Community in North America, have come together with a mission to provide immediate and essential assistance to the affected people in Herat through a dedicated team of volunteers. Every single dollar contributed to our campaign, equivalent to 75 Afghani, can help provide medication, food, and shelter to the affected communities.

In this tough time, we invite you to join us in an act of transnational solidarity and collective care. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who have endured unimaginable hardship—losing their loved ones, homes, and hopes in the blink of an eye.

Your support, no matter the amount, will be a beacon of light in the darkest hours of Herat (a city once full of life and joy). Let us stand together and show that kindness knows no borders, especially in the face of crisis.

Please consider donating and sharing our campaign with your networks to help the people of Herat rebuild their lives and find strength in our collective support:

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This call for solidarity and support is endorsed by AGITATE! Journal