Batticaloa Justice Walk

The Batticaloa Justice Walk is an everyday practice of peaceful resistance. Following in the path of women from the families of the disappeared and others’ protests during and after the war, the walk moves single file, on the side of the road carrying placards with slogans, demands, wishes, poetry, curses, and statements about justice and change, locally and everywhere. The walk has become a space for various marginalised groups and our expressions primarily through art—poetry, song, theatre, painting. The walk continues as a living practice and archive of resistance rooted in batticaloa in eastern sri lanka and speaking in its quiet resolve to the whole world and beyond.

This article emerges from a process of collective reflection of Amara, Sharadha, Vijayalakshmi, Sarala, and Ponni. We echo in our voices the myriad voices of those in pasts, presents and futures that walk with us.

AGITATE! Content by Batticaloa Justice Walk

Amaithi as Stillness: Holding Palestine in the Batticaloa Justice Walk