Artwork, by Sunil Awachar

Dr Sunil Abhiman Awachar is a poet, painter and Assistant Professor at the Department of Marathi, University of Mumbai, India. He is a full-time activist in the Dalit human rights movement. He has published four anthologies of poetry in Marathi, that include ‘Global vartamanachya kavita (2008)’ ‘Mi mahasattechya darashi katora gheun ubha rahanaar nahi,’ ‘Bravo! Fox minds of capitalist’ and ‘Poems of the occupied everything’. One of these anthologies was translated into English as ‘Our world is not for sale’. His poems, written in a unique blend of local Indian languages—Mahari, Gondi and Banjara, are political statements which demand social justice. He is also on a mission to reinforce and recreate these languages, which have been made obscure, in people’s imaginary. 
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