Parking Ramp Project

Aniccha Arts premieres a performance installation inside a seven-level parking garage. The project asks questions about transience, migration, and stability in a space that temporarily stores cars and is home to nothing. Performers pervade the parking structure with their bodies, working against the visible slant of the ramp to find their individual verticality. Questions we asked in creating the work: How do we find softness in a landscape of concrete? What anchors us on these alternating planes? How do we connect across such a complex landscape?

Video by: Cully Gallagher

For more discussion and information, see below for an interview with Pramila Vasudevan and other collaborators of the Parking Ramp Project.

About Pramila Vasudevan, Artistic director of Aniccha Arts.

Suggested citation:
Aniccha Arts. 2019. “Parking Ramp Project.” AGITATE! 1: