Tamilarasi Anandavalli, A. Mangai, and Marappachi Theatre

On June 7, 2020, a show rehearsed completely through Zoom was presented by Tamilarasi, a theatre student at the National School of Drama and a member of Marappachi. A video of this performance is shown below. The performance features a 20th Century poem by Bharathiyar (a modern poet in Tamil) titled Kaatru (Wind). A call to strengthen our houses, roofs, doors, body, mind, and emotion to let the wind befriend you comes through as a clarion call to positivity and compassion in the context of migrant worker struggles and the impunity of the State arresting young student leaders and senior intellectual scholars. A discussion on the making of the performance follows. 

Kaatru Theater Performance | Marappachi | A. Mangai | Tamilarasi

Discussion on Making Kaatru with Tamilarasi and Mangai

Suggested citation:
Anandavalli, T., Mangai, A., and Marappachi Theatre. 2021. “Kaatru.” AGITATE! 3: https://agitatejournal.org/kaatru.

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