Kidiocus King

Seditious Acts: Being in, But Not of, the Neoliberal University

José Manuel Santillana Blanco, Kidiocus King-Carroll, Naimah Zulmadelle Pétigny, and Kong Pheng Pha

This introduction to the volume by the editors trace the racial history of U.S. higher education and the students of color led movements that have led to the current moment of protests against the neoliberal university.

A Cold Place: Notes on Antiblackness and the Neoliberal University

Kidiocus King-Carroll

A set of notes or jottings that are autobiographical, analytical, historical, and deliberately incomplete, but articulate King-Carroll’s understanding of the University and the world that surrounds it as an antiblack, neoliberal space that Black graduate students must exist in a fugitive relationship to.