I Have Been to the Future—We Won

Simi Kang

  Simi Kang     “This piece was collectively conceived of by the members of the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Interdisciplinary Graduate Group, whose tireless work to support one another and our larger community as academics of color is unparalleled. The banner slogan “I have been to the future – we won,” was designed…

Domestic Affairs

Katayoun Amjadi

Domestic Affairs investigates the idea of home in body, structure, and land, and explores the culturally embedded promise of security and hope engendered in the archetypal house. It explores a conceptual topography of “place”; it is a kind of domestic archaeology.

The Passage

Marijana Hameršak and Selma Banich

This work of Selma Banich & Marijana Hameršak that emerged in collaboration with the Women to Women Collective is a collection of portraits of migrants who lost their lives on the perilous journeys in the Balkans.

Muddy Truth

Katayoun Amjadi

Original artwork by Katayoun Amjadi.

This is Not an Eggplant

Katayoun Amjadi

Katayoun Amjadi’s multimedia installations and visual poems, This is Not an Eggplant and Diaries of a Village Potter, question the “collective” and meditates on the course of political and environmental shifts.