Ana Vilenica

Ana Vilenica is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the European Research Council project ‘Inhabiting Radical Housing’ at the Polytechnic and University of Turin’s Inter-university Department of Regional & Urban Studies and Planning (DIST) and a member of the Beyond Inhabitation Lab. She is the Radical Housing Journal Editor and the Editor for Central and East Europe at Interface-journal for and about social movements. She has edited five books, including Beyond the Ruins of the Creative City ( 2012), Becoming a Mother in Neoliberal Capitalism (uz)bu))na)) 2013 and 2016), Fragments for Studies on Art Organizations ( 2020), Radical Housing: Art, Struggle, Care (Institute of Networked Culture in Amsterdam 2021), and A Lexicon of Decoloniality in Eastern Europe (forthcoming). Ana Vilenica is a long-term housing, feminist, and no-borders activist in Serbia, the UK, and at the European level. Most recently, she has been organizing with an anti-eviction movement in Serbia, EAST (East European Essential Struggles Transnational), and The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City. She also works as a journalist and analyst at Bilten and MaĊĦina media outlets. She is a winner of the prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for a project focusing on housing deprivation and citizen initiatives for change in Serbia and the UK. She is currently working on setting up a new research agenda on transnational organizing in and beyond radical housing struggles. You can learn more about her work here.

AGITATE! Content by Ana Vilenica

On Access to Housing, Anti-Capitalist Struggles, Decolonization and Mothering in the Balkans